Study at Wången

When you choose to study at Wången, you choose a unique environment where everything centres on helping you succeed in your career with horses. 
Elever ute om vintern. Två st ser vi ryggen på men den tredje går lite framför och vänder sig om och ler mot sina vänner.
Foto: Alida Säflund

What can I study?

Wången is the home of Sweden’s only university level education focused on horses, with highly specialised teachers and trainers. The course principal of our unique Equine Science programme is the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. It provides students the perfect grounding for a career in the horse sector. Approximately 80% of the students work in horse-related professions after their exam. Here you can find a brochure about the Equine Science Program and here are the THE-EQUINE-SCIENCE-PROGRAM-Programme content. At Wången there are two profiles available: trotting horses and Icelandic horses.

Wången also offers high school and college level courses, for example in horse-trotting and Icelandic horse riding. Both of these courses are designed and run closely with the national associations for these sports. We also provide a comprehensive Farrier course that is certified by the EFFA (European Federation of Farriers Association).

We have former students currently working in Australia, USA, France and Iceland among other countries.

What facilities are available?

As a national equestrian sports centre, Wången boasts unrivalled educational facilities, which encompass harness racing, show jumping, dressage, western riding and Icelandic horse events.

The horses: We have about 60 horses for educational purposes at Wången. Students have the opportunity to train with warm and cold-blooded trotters, Swedish Gotland ponies, Icelandic horses and more. We house our horses in five school stables. We have an additional stable for students who wish to board their own horses.

The training grounds: Wången has a range of outdoor driving tracks and riding grounds including lit-up tracks, an oval track, a track for flying pace competitions and a training track for Icelandic horses. And since we are located in the beautiful Swedish countryside, there are miles and miles of forest trails just beyond the grounds.

Other facilities: Wången has veterinarian and farrier facilities, a large manège, a laboratory classroom and several traditional classrooms.

What’s student life like?

Somewhere between 90 – 95% of Wången’s high school students live here in our student halls of residence within the Wången grounds. So you never have to be far away from the horses.

Students eat at the Wången Inn and we also have a modern Student Union building with a gym, sports hall, changing rooms, TV and lounge area.

How do I apply?

Please contact our staff for information on application for overseas students.